• Main Features:

    • Powerful 196cc 6.5HP OHV engine

    • Electric start with pull start backup, can start without battery

    • Torque converter CVT system, more low-end torque

    • Fully automatic without reverse

    • Manual choke operating from dashboard

    • Big tires: Front 6×6-8 Rear 16×7-8

    • All-wheel fenders

    • Rack and pinion steering wheel

    • Hydraulic disc brakes

    • Padding over roll cage, canopy top

    • LED headlights, horn

    • Individual sporting seats

    • Adjustable driver seat: pedal to seat back adjustable from 31.5″ to 37″

    • Colors: Yellow/Pink/Orange/Green/Black/Blue/Red
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The MB200-2 minibike is considered the best overall minibike on the market.   ​ ​It features: ​​6.0 HP Engine ​Front and Rear Suspension ​Torque Converter ​Hydraulic Rear Brakes ​19″ Tall Tires ​Wide Comfy Seat Headlight ​​Ideal for teenager and adults. Includes Free Shipping within the Contiguous lower 48 states. Some Assembly Required.   Engine: […]


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